Anonymous asked: I feel like we need to talk about the "subtext" Part of metatron's speech last night ;)






Oh yeah, that was totally Robbie reaching out to us. Hell, that was him acknowledging that subtext is part of what gives a story meaning. Especially following that up with asking if it’s the writers that do it, or us. He actually, by putting subtext last and leading that into discussing the possibility of both the writer and the consumer assigning meaning, gave subtext the most amount of weight. (The acting reinforced that too.)

He legitimized a large portion of what we do in fandom and I could just kiss him for it.

Okay okay, so we’re sick of subtext and want it to be text. But I will take this, because it not only tells me subtext is just as important and valid as characters, plot and text, it tells me that they all work together and subtext has a place, and can always become text.

Actually. I knew all of that. What it really tells me is that so does Robbie.

mmhm.  And Robbie’s always been very pro-subtext, pro-interpretation — it’s a lot of what we talked about at Burcon.  It’s very nice to see that viewpoint worked into the actual show, rather than just outside conversations :D

Between this episode and Jerry Wanek’s tweet about the deliberate way they set up the framing and the set dressing, it’s a good time to be a meta writer…

And a good time to be them too, if they get pleasure in regular interaction with the fandom, it’s like a giant easter egg hunt!

I can’t speak to Jeremy Carver, or any of the main showrunners, really think. I can’t speak to what Jim Michaels wants or thinks about the issue, and I can’t speak for the network.
But I can tell you that Robbie Thompson has an immense amount of respect for fans, especially queer fans. He understands, I think, better than most of the people on the show, what subtext means to us, what representation means to us, what the stories mean to us.
He knows it affects our lives, and he respects that, and he has spoken in the past about the importance of interpretations and stories and character and all of those sorts of things that we spend so much of our time talking about. 
He doesn’t run the show. He doesn’t get all that much of a say as to whether or not Destiel goes canon, or any really major stuff like that.
But this is the man who wrote in an ‘I love you” into the script of Goodbye Stranger.

This is the man who put Charlie Bradbury in the show.

This is the man who wrote into the show that we aren’t insignificant, that we have a role to play in this just as much as they do, that we matter.

This is the man who looked at a young queer fan* who approached him to stumble over an explanation about why the queer representation that Charlie Bradbury provided meant the world to her, and rather than brush it off, made a point of standing and talking and thanking her for saying that, because he was doing it for people like her, because it mattered to him, and offered her a hug and an autograph and another thank you, and left her feeling valued and respected as a queer woman in a way that no other person involved in the creation of media ever made her feel, and who later told other fans about how much that moment had meant to him.

Robbie Thompson gives a shit about us.

(*That was me, by the way)




oh. my. god. I NEED THIS SO MUCH.

so, avengers & co. are milling about post-skirmish, and everybody’s just gathering their shit together and regrouping

steve casually picks up mjolnir and helpfully hands it over to thor, and spends the next thirty minutes dealing with the complete emotional wreckage caused by this totally innocuous gesture

  • thor & loki: freaking out quietly but powerfully, with the kind of wide-eyed disbelief and unnatural stillness that promises a lot of yelling & booming thunder & green-tinged lightning as soon as they recover their wits
  • tony: prolonged hysterics over comms, just totally infuriated incomprehensible ranting. mjolnir has infuriated tony for ages - it’s a fucking fancy hunk of space rock, how does it fucking know who is worthy! how does it even determine what ‘worthiness’ constitutes! it’s an affront to science and dignity and american manhood, is what it is. and now steve rogers, who gets up tony’s nose more than anybody else he has ever met, just…picks up thor’s judgy magic god hammer like it’s nothing? tony is done. tony has no words. (that’s a lie: tony has ALL THE WORDS, and LOUDLY.)
  • clint: cracking up in the background and egging on tony’s  hysterics; this is the most fun he’s had all month
  • lady sif: her disbelief unnerves steve even more than thor & loki; he’s come to expect a certain level of weirdness and emotional melodrama from those two, but not sif. steve likes sif. she’s a badass warrior goddess, she’s great in a fight and she’s very nice. one time they were training together and she even let him hold her glaive! they’re totally bros. warrior bros. but now she’s just staring and it’s freaking him out.
  • natasha: suspected all along that steve could, but to have it confirmed…she quietly loses it, tucks herself in against steve’s side and giggles helplessly into his shoulder; she’s not surprised,  it’s just…a small part of her is still waiting for steve to undercut her faith in him. but steve, annoying golden bastard that he is, keeps proving her right about him, and she doesn’t know what to do with that. (steve just looks down at her helplessly; he always likes hearing her laugh but this loss of composure unnerves him more than anything else.)
  • sam & bruce: mystified. utterly mystified. hulk just blinks and sam dryly congratulates steve on his amazing hammer-lifting prowess.
  • jane: rushes at steve, almost tripping over herself in her excitement and getting all up in steve’s personal space as she pokes mjolnir and pokes steve, who actually leans back in a futile effort to escape the torrent of incomprehensible science babble
  • darcy: the only person in steve’s vicinity who (a) seems to understand the fuss and (b) doesn’t seem unduly put out by it. steve finds this tentatively reassuring right up until she grins widely, makes at least five filthy jokes about his inner purity, and asks for a fistbump.

sif is the first one to finally pull herself together and explain the whole ‘worthy of mjolnir’ thing; steve doesn’t even know where to look or what to do, he just goes bright red and stammers, while natasha giggles even harder and tony’s voice climbs up another octave

sam, perched on hulk’s shoulder and listening with increasing amusement, starts cracking up and actually tumbles right off while steve stares at him with betrayal writ large across his face, ET TU, SAM?, and sam is now laughing so hard he’s actually gasping for breath

(bucky hears about it last, after the initial furor dies down, and he just grins at steve, bright and knowing and unsurprised. steve hasn’t seen that smile in years; the whole day’s embarrassment, including tony’s continued muttered ranting, is worth it for that alone)

#i think Natasha would play it cooler than this #but Tony’s reaction is dead on





there is literally no difference between academic scholars discussing their interpretations of a text and a bunch of people yelling YOUR HEADCANON IS WRONG at each other

As a Masters student I can vouch for this.

The difference is citations.

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i think it would be neat if netflix doubled as a dating site like “here are 9 other singles in your area that watched supernatural for 12 straight hours”


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heteronormativity is genderbending main characters just to permit non-platonic interactions between the characters.

i’m looking at you, elementary.

that’s really cute how you dismiss the importance of replacing a white male literary icon with a woman of color…

Yeah, um, their interactions are ENTIRELY platonic. The show has made a point to confirm that more than once.

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what i really fucking love about writing cas is that he can have really relaxed, casual speech and say ‘yeah, look how well that worked out’

but he can also have fucking beautiful, poetic dialogue ‘has anyone but your own kin ever done more for you?’

and he’s so hyper literal that he can add lightness and humor to scenes that by all rights are very heavy (if the emperor is metatron) and the way he sees things is just really unique and fun

fuck i just really love castiel

#his lines vary from ‘hey assbutt’ #to ‘strange how a leaky pipe can undo the work of angels #when we ourselves are supposed to be the agents of fate’ #what’s not to love [x]

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9x10 | 9x18 - How are you?

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Castiel “Mythical”
You live like a dragon but you burn like a phoenix…

I had started this a looong time ago, and after yesterday’s episode I had all the feelz and was inspired to finish this. This completes my 3 fandom wing study… previous is TWD “Icarus Iscariot” and Sherlock “Them”. ^_^


What do you think?

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